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Recovery from Covid-19


With no taxes to pay the recovery from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will be much faster

and far less painful when the time comes.


Facilitism's funding system ensures everyone has enough for food, clothing, shelter and care

for life.


What wealth you have converts into Facilitism for your use.


People decide all major issues, including the decision to convert to Facilitism.


Looks like the virus will be with us for quite some time yet. So we might have enough time now

to get Facilitism functioning in some country such as Canada , and/or possibly other places

that are pretty well self-sufficient, to help with their recovery.


Additional Blogs will provide more details.


If, however, you prefer to know more right away, please download your copy of

Freedom’s Dawning, a solution to the problems of Planet Earth and her people

by Ronald Lyle Mcpherson.

at: facilitism.com


You will be amazed


Love be with you



TaxFree for All

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